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Our Wines

"It all started in 1975, Eugenio Spinozzi had a vision that pushed him to get on a new adventure that everybody called utopic: to become importer of fine Italian wines starting from 3 bottles of wine from the region of Abruzzo. Eugenio made it, his company grew to the point that his wines were distributed in all over the U.S., giving visibility to plenty of Italian wineries, that are still present today in the market. Since 1994 we traveled together through hundreds  vineyards of the old country. I have absorbed every single word that came from him, he transmitted to me the passion for the world of wines which he was enamored of. The memory of my uncle Eugenio gives me the strength and will-power, to continuously improve our fine selections, in constant development and revising, operating as ambassador for various historic, family owned and operated estates, that represent the tradition and the essence of the Italian winemaking heritage." - Eros Spinozzi

Eugenio's vision is still on... Capturing the Vine's Heart Beat!

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