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Eros Spinozzi in the Press

Collection of articles in the press featuring Eros Spinozzi Selections

"At its best, the Barbera grape variety produces wines of fantastic food-friendliness, vibrancy, and complexity for what are generally fair prices. It's produced around the world, from California to Australia, but Barbera reaches its peak of fame and accomplishment in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. To appreciate all that Barbera has to offer — no matter where it's from — study this guide to Barbera wines.

Five Great Barbera Wines

There are countless great Barbera wines on the market today. These five producers are a perfect way to start exploring all that Barbera has to offer.

Dogliotti Barbera d'Asti

With a focus on its fruit flavors, this is a fantastic example of a Barbera d'Asti that costs less than $20, takes well to a very slight chill, and brightens up any meal it's enjoyed with."


Everything You Need to Know About Barbera Wine

Barolo and Barbaresco may get most of the attention in Piedmont, but Barbera also produces wines of character and complexity.

By Brian Freedman 

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“Certain criteria and procedures must be followed to produce this wine,” explains Eros Spinozzi, selector of wines (Portfolio owner) for R.S. Lipman Company, his exclusive importer for the United States. “It is a wine that is one of the most famous Moscato from this region.” “Sometimes Moscato wines do not offer the acidity so that they can taste too sweet,” explains Eros. “The sweetness of this wine is not overpowering, and the taste is very refreshing. Acidity is an essential aspect for sweet wines.”

Dogliotti Moscato d’Asti also ages well and can be stored (correctly) for four to five years. However, Eros admits that most people want to enjoy Moscato when it is first bottled and distributed to enjoy its unique boutique and fresh taste. “I have tried many moscatos, and this one represented authenticity for the region,” says Eros. “This wine has its own identity where you can taste the grapes grown for this wine, the weather, the soil, the temperature, and the territory."


Aromatic Wine

Moscato d'Asti DOCG Delights

The authentic taste can be savored in each glass.

By Debbie Hall 

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